IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORDER NOW
IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORDER NOW
IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORDER NOW

Simply Divine Olive Oil

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in the hills of Tuscany. In the village of Caprese Michelangelo, the birthplace of the great artist, Michelangelo, we first experienced the wonder of freshly pressed Italian Olive Oil. The taste and appearance of this oil was truly like nothing we had ever experienced.

As Michelangelo was called throughout his life, The Divine One (IL DIVINO in Italian), the beauty, fragrance, and divine joy of freshly pressed Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil was something we had to share.

Our Story

100% Pure Italian

Over our 8 years living in Tuscany within a mile of Michelangelo’s birthplace, we learned from our wonderful Italian neighbors what makes Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil different than anything many people have ever experienced.

We first learned that freshness is critical to experiencing the divine nature of olive oil. A wonder of nature, olive oil should ideally be used within one year of harvest and pressing. We also learned that a large amount of all olive oil sold throughout the world is a blend of often less than 10% olive oil with the rest being vegetable or canola oil.

This of course dramatically dilutes and changes the amazing flavor and quality of 100% extra virgin olive oil.

About Our Oil

Authentic + Premium

So now after our wonderful years living in Tuscany, we are offering a very limited quantity of this ‘Divine’ oil for sale each year.

Working with our wonderful small Italian Frantoio (Olive Mill) in Tuscany, our goal is to provide you the most authentic, premium Italian Olive Oil possible.

We hope you will love our IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil as much as we did when we first experienced it and continue to love every day.

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Our Range Of 100% Pure Italian Olive Oil

Why is IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil the Most Wonderful Olive Oil You Will EVER Taste?

We truly want you to experience the wonder of premium 100% pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To ensure you get the highest quality, freshest oil possible we:

Organic Olives

Only utilize the highest quality, pesticide-free, organic olives from our Italian growers in Tuscany

Freshest Oil

Print the authentic harvest and production date on every product container sold

Dark Packaging

Package your precious oil in Italian dark glass bottles for maximum protection from harmful light

Italian Olives

Supervise the entire process from the time the olives arrive at our Frantoio (Olive Mill) in Italy to the moment the Extra Virgin Oil is delivered to you

Freshest Crop

Only use early harvest olives from late October till mid-November, the best olives for producing the finest tasting oil. Late season (November) olives are too ripe and may not produce good oil


We guarantee that your purchased oil will be 100% Extra Virgin Olive produced only from 100% Tuscany Olives!

Happy Customers

Great Product

“We did a taste-tasting with several people of Il Divino compared to a Californian olive oil and an oil from Assisi (that we have been ordering for over 10 years). Both Italian oils smoked the CA oil and Il Divino and the Assisian oil tied, neck and neck. You have a very good product Dennis and the price is very right. We will be ordering more!”

Jeff – January, 2016


“This is the real deal, Dennis! Family and friends who we either gifted a can to or have tasted it here are making inquiries on ordering. Roasted vegetables including Brussel sprouts (quartered) are great. Warm bread sticks dipped: heavenly! Thank you for introducing us!”

Gil – January, 2016

The Real Thing

“This is not the Extra Virgin Olive Oil you find in our grocery stores, it’s the real thing and you’ll know the difference.”

Karen – November, 2015

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Perfect Gift For All Occasions

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