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We are Dennis and Kumiko, a semi-retired couple (not a small or large corporation) who simply want you to experience the amazing sensation of tasting and using fresh 100% Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

When we first moved to Tuscany, we heard about the Italians’ love and use of Olive Oil. However, it was not until our first November in one of our local restaurants that we first experienced the incredible flavor, color, and sheer gastronomic joy of tasting freshly pressed local olive oil.

From the first moment of experiencing this bright green clear luminescent oil, served slightly salted with fresh bread for dipping, we knew we had found something extraordinary. It was something we had to share with the world.

About Our Oil

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Health Benefits

Over the years, sharing meals with our Italian friends and neighbors, we learned so many wonderful uses of olive oil. Perfect as a salad dressing, a final drizzle in soup, on fresh pasta (of course), in making an Italian Ragu, and on steak, fish, vegetables, etc. The Italians use it on everything!

And, of course, the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes were just the icing on the cake!

More Benefits

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil


While we considered many names for our business, life in Italy in the village and birthplace of Michelangelo (called The Divine One) led us to believe IL DIVINO was quite appropriate. Not only because of living where ‘The Divine One’ was born, but the absolute ‘divine’ taste and sensation of fresh Italian Olive Oil.

We hope you will try our IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil because then you will understand our passion. There is simply no comparison to the products sold as “Olive Oil” or “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in supermarkets.

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Happy Customers

Great For A Gift

“I ordered two bottles of this Olive Oil and gave one to my sister as a present. She said it was the best present I had given her in years. She keeps reminding me of what she wants for Christmas.”
Cory – January, 2016

Love This Oil

“I love this olive oil. I compared my IL DIVINO Olive Oil to some California Olive Oil and I could not believe the difference. The California oil just tasted like ‘blah’ oil, but IL DIVINO had so much flavor and a slightly peppery taste.”
Steve – March, 2016

Enjoying It

“We bought some IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil last January and have enjoyed it so much.  We can’t wait for our next order when the fresh new oil is available in November.”
Kelly – April, 2016

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Treat Yourself & Family to Something Special

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Treat You & Your Family To Something Special

Why is IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil the Most Wonderful Olive Oil You Will EVER Taste?

We truly want you to experience the wonder of premium 100% pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To ensure you get the highest quality, freshest oil possible we:

Organic Olives

Only utilize the highest quality, pesticide-free, organic olives from our Italian growers in Tuscany

Freshest Oil

Print the authentic harvest and production date on every product container sold

Dark Packaging

Package your precious oil in Italian dark glass bottles for maximum protection from harmful light

Italian Olives

Supervise the entire process from the time the olives arrive at our Frantoio (Olive Mill) in Italy to the moment the Extra Virgin Oil is delivered to you

Freshest Crop

Only use early harvest olives from late October till mid-November, the best olives for producing the finest tasting oil. Late season (November) olives are too ripe and may not produce good oil


We guarantee that your purchased oil will be 100% Extra Virgin Olive produced only from 100% Tuscany Olives!

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