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Back From Tuscany

November 22, 2015

We are back from our trip to Italy. We had such a great time visiting and working at our Olive Mill.

While filling our 2015 IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil cans for shipment back to the USA we had the opportunity to chat with all the local farmers bringing their olives to the mill for pressing. They all confirmed that 2015 was an excellent year for olives – as well as wine. We are very excited for you to taste our oil!

Unfortunately during the shipping of the olive oil back to the USA some of the cans were dented so we have decided to offer our wonderful oil in these dented cans at a reduced price. Same premium quality IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Oil, just not in as pretty packaging.



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IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% Pure, Fresh, Organic & Italian

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Perfect Gift For All Occasions

2019 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition winner. Out of 530 extra virgin olive oils from 302 producers worldwide, awarded the Bronze Medal by 16 renowned international experts for our amazing IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dismiss

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