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IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is the best way to store my olive oil?

The two major destroyers of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are sunlight and oxygen. Therefore, keep your EVOO in a dark place (like inside you kitchen cabinet, not on the counter), and make sure the cap is screwed on tight after every use.

How do we know your EVOO is the real thing?

Every year we travel to the same place in Tuscany and work directly with our trusted olive farm and mill in the olive harvest and pressing of each year’s oil. In addition, with our Tuscany Olive Harvest Tour we invite any interested customers to join is our yearly trip to Tuscany.

IL DIVINO Tuscany Tours

Who will be leading the tour?

Kumiko and I will both be leading the tours and making sure everything is perfect for you. We lived in Tuscany for 8 years and are very familiar with everywhere we will be visiting.

Where do you recommended we stay before the tour starts and after it ends?

We will be meeting at the Florence Train Station for the first time and at the end (although we can also meet you at the Florence airport). There are many very nice hotels/bnb’s within 1 or 2 blocks of the train station that cost less than $100/night.  We can help you make reservations.

Can we bring our dog on the tour?

Sorry but many of the places we will be visiting do not allow pets.

What about airfare to and from Italy?

While it is you responsibility to make your own plane reservations, we can provide helpful suggestions since we have been going from the USA to Italy for many years.

Should we attend the Anghiari Music Festival Tour or Tuscany Olive Harvest Tour?

Both tours are of course wonderful. The Anghiari Music Festival Tour is of course geared toward music lovers but it is also very nice since it is in the summer when the weather is usually very nice.  The October Olive Harvest Tour is a little more relaxed since there are not music events to get to. Plus in the fall crowds and much smaller and of course airfare is less. Both tours include visits to Assisi and Siena – two amazing towns.

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