IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml (can) – 2019


We are currently taking orders for our amazing new 2019 IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.   Pressed in October 2019, we believe this year’s oil may be your favorite yet.   Incredibly creamy and pure tasting with a delicious foundation only found in the very best 100% pure, fresh Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

While our tin cans may lack some of the elegance of our bottles, our cans provide the perfect environment for protecting our amazing oil from the harmful effects of light.

The small size of the 250ml cans (3″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″) make them perfect as a small gift for any occasion or for finishing your favorite culinary creation.

As with all our products, we personally travel to Tuscany every October to supervise the entire process of olive selection and pressing to create each year’s amazing oil.  This early pressing results in the most amazing, highest quality extra virgin olive oil possible.  You must try it and Taste The Difference!

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IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to be 100% Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil. Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is further guaranteed to be 100% derived from olives organically grown and harvested within the last 12 months from the Tuscany region of Italy.

We personally supervise the olive oil production at our Italian frantoio (olive mill) during late October – early November to ensure this amazing oil is delivered fresh to you.

Your IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be immediately shipped to you to ensure you receive the freshest possible product.


IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect gift. Friends and family will love receiving this for any special occasion. Opening a package containing this amazing fresh extra virgin olive oil from Italy brings a surprised joy to all.

It is the gift that no one expects and everyone absolutely loves.

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